regin EXOcompact



Third generation freely programmable controllers
• Suitable for many applications, including heating,
ventilation etc.
• Small and compact controller
• Large number of communication possibilities
Small, compact controller with different types of
communication, with or without built-in display.
EXOcompact can be used either as a stand-alone unit or
as part of a larger system.
• Several protocols available
• Applications can be downloaded during operation
• Local and remote display simultaneously
The EXOcompact series of controllers are available with
1, 2 or 3 communication ports.
The EXOcompact series is fully compatible with all
other products in the EXO range. The controllers are
freely programmable using the high-level EXO language
EXOL®. Programming takes place in EXOdesigner, the
same environment used for all other EXO controllers.
Areas of application
EXOcompact is primarily intended for use in installations
with a limited number of I/O:s, placing a high importance
on a freely programmable, compact controller providing
both communication capabilities and high performance.
EXOcompact can be used either as a stand-alone unit
or together with other EXO products as part of a larger
automation system.
In large automation systems, EXOcompact makes an
excellent compliment to EXOflex, being ideally suited for
localised tasks such as zone control or control of heating
and ventilation applications.
Memory use
The third generation of EXOcompact features a
factory-loaded application that enables both address and
communication settings to be entered into an otherwise
empty controller via the display.
It is also possible to load a new or updated control
application while the present control application is
running. This is possible because a control application
will be be activated only when it has been correctly
downloaded. The controller’s flash memory is divided
into partitions and the tool Setup Controller is used to
alternate between partitions. It is therefore easy to use
the factory-loaded application to return to the original
control application if any problems should occur within
the new one.
EXOcompact is capable of communicating via RS485
(EXOline, Modbus), TCP/IP (EXOline, BACnet/IP) and
The built-in TCP/IP port makes it easy to create
systems spanning a very wide area. By using network
infrastructure already in place for ordinary computers,
installation costs can be greatly reduced.
Third generation EXOcompact offers TCP/IP
communication 5-20 times faster compared to controllers
of the second generation. EXOcompact with TCP/
IP communication is available featuring 1 or 2 serial
communication ports.
Serial communication
EXOline and Modbus communication takes place via
RS485. M-Bus functionality has been improved, and it
is now possible to use EXOcompact with most types of


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